Finding the perfect partner strategy

Every business, market and channel is unique and requires a tailored approach. In order to identify exactly where the bottlenecks in your organization are, we thoroughly analyze your current situation and go-to-market strategy.
To ensure a successful, long-term solution, it is important that your partner strategy seamlessly fits your company’s strategy. Either, we start from scratch and create with you the perfect partner strategy, or we advise you on optimizing your existing indirect sales and refining your go-to-market approach.
Together we:
  • Define the right value proposition towards resellers and partners
  • Set up or redefine the proper elements for a partner program with reseller requirements and clear, attractive benefits. We lay the basis for your future partner contracts, sales support and rewards
  • Choose the tools and methodology, based on international best practices, such as sales forecasts, dashboards and scoreboards, but also the tools to support, monitor and evaluate your partners
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