Partner on-boarding

The perfect match

Once you have defined the right partner strategy and aligned your organization, you want to go to market. ICT is a fast changing business, where new products and services are constantly launched. You might find yourself in need of a new end-user market, a new niche to address, or sales members you have to replace. And for each new launch, you probably need to find a new suitable partner who can carry out your message.
We master the art of mapping the right partner profile to your goals. We work with an extensive partner database and help you search – even for a niche market – for the necessary requirements.
But how many partners do you need? And what if some partners aren’t delivering as you expected? We assess the situation and create a smooth transition to reach the right capacity of well-performing partners.
Choosing a partner is a very personal and meticulous task. Benefit from our experience to approach them, check their motivation and potential, and – if we all agree – hire them onboard.
Whether you need a temporary or permanent replacement or you need an extra resource to support your partners for a while, Channel Reflex can work with you to find the perfect solution.
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